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CNG Kit Accessories
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The items that are installed to operate the vehicle or CNG meet high quality criteria and operating standards. These items include:

CNG Cylinders
cng fuel cylinders/tanks
CNG is stored in one or more cylinders that withstand the desired pressure. In the event that more than one cylinder is installed, safe and firm connections are attached between the cylinders and each cylinder is equipped w/a valve and a venting path.
Filling Nozzle

The CNG cylinder is filled under high pressure through a filling nozzle designed specifically to fit only the filling coupling. It is equipped with a plastic cover to prevent dust from entering.

Mixer/ nozzle
cng - air fuel mixture

CNG is fed into the engine by mixing it with air through a mixer or a nozzle to inject it in the carburettor

Timing advance processor
This electrical device is attached to tune the timing of the spark according to the fuel type.
Conversion switch
cng conversion switch

Is the mean to connect from gasoline to CNG operation and vice versa. It is connected to the two-solenoid valves that control the gasoline and CNG flow. The switch indicates the operation mode to the driver and shows the gas level in the cylinder.


Pressure Pipes
The pipe connections are installed in an accessible location and in a protected area in case of accidents. In case of pipe failure, the pipe is replaced.

Injection emulator

cng injection emulator

It is used only for fuel injection engines, and operates by stopping the injection in the case of CNG operation. It is equipped with an electronic unit that emulates gasoline injection on CNG operation.


Pressure regulator

The pressure regulator is designed to perform the following:
- Previously tuned for pressure and gas flow.
- Posses a protective system for the other devices from high-pressures in case of failure.
- Withstand operating pressure at all inlets and channels.
- Equipped with excess pressure venting technique.

cng pressure regulator
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* Authorized OEM Fitters for Mahindra Logan (cng) and Corolla Altis
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