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CNG Kits
Automotive device which reduces and stabilizes the natural gas pressure, in order to properly feed the engine. The three reduction stages provide stability at both high and low pressures. The pressure regulator is equipped with a pressure relief valve and a low pressure solenoid valve fitted upstream of the third stage. The necessary operating heat is provided by a connection with the engine coolant system. The kit is equipped with an electronic starting device with a built-in safety system which closes the gas solenoid valve when the engine stops.
A model car depicting CNG Kit installation and cylinder tank in the trunk
Natural gas comes out of the tank through the tank valve and goes to the engine compartment through a highpressure pipe which is also connected to the refuelling system.
Some models of Landi Renzo CNG kits available:
landi renzo cng kits
landi renzo cng kit
CN 04 CNG Kit
TN - 1B CNG Kit
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* Authorized OEM Fitters for Mahindra Logan (cng)
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