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PETROL to CNG (The Conversion Process)

The conversion process and service involves four major functional areas:

A} Kit Installation

B) Leakage Testing

C) Filling Process

D) Post-Installation service

cng conversion process and installation

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cng kit installationKit Installation

Installation of Landi Renzo CNG kit in your vehicle now made simpler. The required stock items are prepared. The center manager, who has the key to the store, fetches and records the needed items. They include the designated cylinder support, cylinder belt and valve, mixer / nozzle, gas connection and the kit itself.
The conversion process can be roughly divided into three phases that could be done simultaneously.

Phase1: Electrical connections and wiring,

Phase 2: Mechanical installations

Phase 3: Cylinder support in the trunk

The three phases are followed by lifting the vehicle to install the high pressure pipe. Throughout the process, the Q.C. sheet is filled while monitoring the technician performing each task. For more details related to the installed parts, click here

cng gas fillingFilling Process

Filling up the vehicle with CNG takes place in the CNG station closest to the conversion centre, whatever it was in the same location or not. The engineer in charge attends the filling process.

Cng leakage testingLeakage Testing
The engineer in charge attends the filling process, to ensure no leakage exists and to record the filling pressure. During the filling process, another leakage test is conducted.
The cylinder valve is set to the “open” position and the pressure gage pointer is checked to zero reading.
Knowledge about cng fuelled vehicleCustomer Education

After performing the CNG operation tuning, a preliminary explanation of the parts, safety procedure and accident procedure is given to the client. The procedure to follow in case of CNG operation failure is clarified to the client.

The client receives the one-year annual maintenance slip and signs a receipt. He also receives his warranty booklet which is issued for each conversion process.
The customer data are filled, along with the installed stock items. The cylinder number and the kit S/N are recorded. A copy of the ticket is given to the customer, another copy to the centre manager.

* Authorized OEM Fitters for Mahindra Logan (cng) and Corolla Altis
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